Learn Bass Guitar – Lesson 06 – Notes on the Neck part 1

Lesson 6
Richard Blake Guru of bass teaches the Fingerboard and associating frets with actual musical notes. #bassguitar #learnbass #freebasslessons

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Lessons 6 — 10

Learning the basics of the Music Language and applying them on Instrument in a way to develop your Technique.

Sharing knowledge and experience with other musicians is a great way to improve and stay motivated, but it’s essential to communicate in a way that other musicians understand.
In this series you’ll quickly learn the basics of the musical language to give you the knowledge and confidence of associating frets with actual musical notes. Along the way you’ll also be introduced to some exercises to further challenge and develop your technique and set you on your way to mastering the instrument.
Please don’t think that these early lessons are just for the beginner, as Richie shares a wealth of information, advice and some concepts that can help even the seasoned player!
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