Learn Bass – How Scales are linked to Chords

Lesson 13
The Major Triad and how Scales are linked to Chords.

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Lessons 11 — 15

Some of the keys skills needed to develop as a musician, taking the first steps in finding your musical voice and developing your chord knowledge.

All the great bass players, past and present all have something in common… A unique musical voice!
If you’ve ever found yourself guessing what to play as opposed to knowing what to play, then this series of lessons will give you a good foundation to build upon.
Learn about music in a way that bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical and in no time you’ll be moving around the instrument with a deeper level of confidence and understanding and more importantly, you’ll be taking the first steps in developing your own musical voice.
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  1. I freaking love this channel

  2. Thanks for the tone up. It was all very useful and interesting too. Putting it all together… you've got a talent for teaching!

  3. Your video is super helpful thanks so much!

  4. Dude you have the skills on teaching most teachers need to develop. Thanks and God bless you.

  5. …. my teacher…I Thank you a thousand times

  6. Yes you are a very good teacher! Especially for foreigners too who don’t speak a fast and slang English.
    You speak and teach very clear, talk not so fast, exactly right to understand for folks which haven’t English as Mother Language. That’s good and is really helpful!! Thank you Richie!
    Bob from Switzerland.

  7. So would CGB still be called a C Major triad? Or would it be named something else?

  8. great job, thank you 🙂

  9. I have paid for lessons in person and online. Your teaching style by far make is possible to actually learn to play. The simplicity and usage of the red dots on the corresponding finger is visually helpful.

  10. You are the best…

  11. I'm mind blown of the knowledge! Thank you guys and thank you Youtube!

  12. 8:32 For anyone who keeps trying to go back (likemyself) tolearn this bass line!

  13. Mohammed Zakaria ali

    just had a revelation moment, it's just made everything fall in place,
    thank you man, you're the most wonderful online teacher, it's just there's something about your way that makes things fall into place easier and quick,
    thanks again.

  14. i love this channekl

  15. Something about the way this guy explains things is very comforting

  16. this is one of the best lessons. very simple to understand.

  17. a very useful video! thank you very much!

  18. Thanks for these lessons.

  19. Is it better to learn the scales first and then the chords or vice versa?

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