Learn Bass – Learning the notes of the fretboard

Lesson 6
Learning the Fingerboard and associating frets with actual musical notes.

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Lessons 6 — 10

Learning the basics of the Music Language and applying them on Instrument in a way to develop your Technique.

Sharing knowledge and experience with other musicians is a great way to improve and stay motivated, but it’s essential to communicate in a way that other musicians understand.
In this series you’ll quickly learn the basics of the musical language to give you the knowledge and confidence of associating frets with actual musical notes. Along the way you’ll also be introduced to some exercises to further challenge and develop your technique and set you on your way to mastering the instrument.
Please don’t think that these early lessons are just for the beginner, as Richie shares a wealth of information, advice and some concepts that can help even the seasoned player!
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  1. dude you are amazing…I been out of bass for over 30 years, US Army, Ive decided at 57 to learn what I loved….You are amazing…thank you

  2. The 1st video on YouTube I've watched that explains this to a science to a beginner like myself. Thanks so much!!

  3. Why is it still only a semitone higher from a B to a C, and an E to an F, if it's a whole natural note higher in name? So what I mean is why isn't there an E# or a Cb? I'm sorry but I'm new to reading music, and although I've been drumming for many years, I've only just started learning how to play the bass.

  4. I really like his method of instruction. Clear and easy to follow. Great videos!

  5. Holy fuck that makes so much sense

  6. You are a very cute sir

  7. good job, this really helped

  8. Thanks so much for this. You make it easy. I play a few instruments. My main instrument is the piano but I also play both the violin and viola . The bass strings are tuned similar to the violin so it makes it easier. I purchased a bass guitar a couple days ago on sale so this is exciting for me now. I'm following all your instructions even though i'm tempted to move fast. I'm taking my time.

  9. My new hero. Thanks a lot!

  10. These free YouTube bass lessons are great! Thank you!

    I wish I could watch them all and be an expert bass player but it obviously doesn't work that way. Some of these lessons don't need much "homework" but done correctly, this lesson will take me at least ten hours. I'm not complaining. It's a significant portion of what I need to know to be a bass player and unfortunately, I don't know of a more efficient way to learn the fretboard than the method outlined. For those of us who are older and not as quick on the uptake, it'll take a lot of repetition for the rote learning. Fortunately, with age usually comes patience, along with the wisdom to know that nothing worth accomplishing comes easily. Don't be tempted to breeze through the fretboard once for a brief introduction, or to employ one of the memory tricks or shortcuts that allows you to eventually figure out where the notes are. You need to KNOW where they are without thinking about it. You need to make them your friends, and that takes time. This information will become fully integrated when reading music.

    I'll be back in several more hours. The E string is down. Only three more strings to go.

  11. i love it sooo easy method I have ever seen

  12. Great videos. Thanks a lot! Any suggestions how to actually memorise the notes? I started playing songs on only one string at a time, but I'm not sure if that's so effective.

  13. Thank you!
    Very good!

  14. major scale on piano fingers 12312345

  15. I can't stress enough how good your presentation is. The way you emphasise words makes it really easy to listen to you and actually understand what you're saying. it's crucial to keep the student's/viewer's attention and you do it very well!

  16. I was mind blown with this tutorial! Thanks to the teacher, the MusicCollegeTV and of course Youtube!

  17. I recently purchased my 1st bass guitar. I've been inspired to learn it from a friend who has his own band. the bass came with its own instructional DVD & accessories. I'm sure the guy in it knows what he's doing, but I need to be able to ask questions & even chat with someone, if need be. Is there any particular way that i should learn the notes, or just learn them however I can?

  18. thank you so much:-D

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