Learn Bass Lesson 01 – Introduction to the bass guitar

Lesson 1
An overview of the key components that together make up the bass guitar.

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An introduction to the Bass Guitar, how to Tune and some useful tips to achieve good Technique.

Have you ever been interested in bass guitar? Have you ever wanted to jam with your friends or learn a few of your favourite songs? Then why not take the opportunity to learn from the very beginning and at your own pace.
This progressive series of lessons are a perfect solution for anyone wanting to learn, or alternatively would grow into a valuable resource for any teaching professional.
In this opening series you’ll learn all about the instrument, how to tune and some great tips to help you on the way to developing the basic techniques and coordination needed to achieve your musical goals!
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  1. finally, a video that realizes that some people know nothing about basses! Thank you!

  2. I'm learning this just because one music from castle crashes winterbliss the first bass was so cool.

  3. this should be labeled "how a bass guitar is made." there is no learning to actually play

  4. Is there such a thing as a "beginner bass"? Like I'm wanting to learn bass and willing to spend money on decent guitars but if there's such a thing as a beginner bass that will help me learn quicker I will buy one of them?

  5. digging your stuff!

  6. Echa un vistazo a esta lista de reproducción en YouTube:

  7. евгений шалумов

    very english accent ;))

  8. I just picked up a bass for the first time I am 50.

  9. It is NEVER too late to learn.. or to start learning something new. 16 is PRIME TIME trust me.

  10. You're bass is beautiful.


    It's Matt Bellamy from muse 

  12. Is it important to know how to read music notes 

  13. I've been interested in bass guitar, I'm currently trying to learn acoustic guitar. I just don't know where to get a bass.

  14. I've never heard anyone say "semi-tone" The correct term is half-step. if you're gonna teach music then actually teach music

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