Learn Bass Lesson 02 – Developing basic technique

Learn Bass Lesson 02 - Developing basic technique

Lesson 2
How to interact with the instrument and lay the foundation for good technique.

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  1. greatly useful – thanks

  2. Very helpful, thank you for this.

  3. What animal is that on his head?

  4. How do I get access to the rest of videos please? I've been on the website to purchase but I could find only pdf. Thanks

  5. Dude, thx so much for this classes.

  6. Muse vocalist teaches bass yay

  7. First where did you get a 6 bass ? if a fender save it  vintage maybe. If you cant play it save it dont know where you got it playit or save it.It Is just a 6 guitar regular lower notes kikk  arse. Do not ever sell it never give it away .
     Be well just play,Jim my,

  8. ^ string bass play it like a guitar fk good luck Hope you have major calluses ,Be well,Play !!

  9. THX you are so thoughtful doing this!!!!!

  10. awesome dude thanks for the vid

  11. Question: I have a 6th string bass so it is VERY top heavy. When I have the strap low it is fine but I want to have it high when is sit down. It dives so low there's no way I can just let it be where it wants to be, but I found that resting my plucking arm on the body of the bass keeps keeps the head it. Is this ok? Or will this develope bad technique? If this is not ok what should I do? Thanks.

  12. I loved this video. Thank you.

  13. I luv u

  14. Hi! Where are you from? Can't recognize your accent though I'm totallysure you're not russian ))

  15. Great video! by the way what's the brand/made of your bass strap?

  16. Ok .. good points there ….  Now .. Can I have your bass ? :P

  17. My life is so much better with this teacher in it lol.

  18. actually, when you're plucking with bass down, it is easier, hand is more relaxed, but the bad part about holding bass low, is, as u said, that headstock is going to the ground so you have to support with your fretting hand… i play in some middle position, and it's okay for me, but for something harder, i made 2 lines on my strap, so i know what lengths i use, so i don't have to spend half an hour figuring out if it's okay or not

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