Learn Bass Lesson 04 – Technique Plucking

Lesson 4
An introduction to Technique focusing on the Plucking Hand.

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  1. Learn this technique properly! I play mostly guitar and started playing bass similarly to how I play finger style guitar. It sounds pretty good and worked for me. After seeing this video I decided to try and learn how to play properly! OMG, so much better!!! It is slow transitioning, but I can play longer and smoother. The dynamics are easier to control. AND, the thump that happens when you play "through" the string and it hits the one after gives a very nice percussive start to the bass note (even though it happens afterwards).

    Thank you very much for this video!!!!


  3. I have a question on the alternate plucking: when I play shall I try to keep on plucking with the index finger on the downbeat and with the second finger on the upbeat all the time?
    For example, if I have a sequence one quarter note, one eight note one eight rest, one group of sixteen notes, then the plucking sequence should be index finger, index finger nothing, index-second-index-second finger?

  4. what is the name of the bass player???

  5. IMHO you should be in tutorial videos in Rocksmith. Awesome, thank you!

  6. Just got my first bass, and never thought I'd pluck, just pick. This video helped so much thanks

  7. Keep sharing your blessings, God bless you more!!!

  8. My index fingernail always hits the string, even when clipped. what should I do? What I've been doing is bringing my hand more in a guitar position and using my thumb, the side of my index finger, and my middle finger (occasionally).

  9. 3:08 to skip to the actual content

  10. Westchester Chess Academy WCA

    Thanks for spending the time making this wonderful video for beginners like me. Do you have any links to the music you are playing at 1:20 in the video? Thanks again!

  11. Wow I've been playing bass for a year and I would always curl my finger when plucking and now it know how to do it correctly

  12. xXxKingofnightmaresxXx

    i tried playing around with my bass and after awhile the tips of my fingers started to sting

  13. I just start to play Bass and have watched 4 lessons till now. This is a best teacher and the exercise is really useful~ hope I can play well at the future.

  14. thanks sir for making all of this tutorials, this is a big help for bass begginers like me. GOD bless

  15. To like with the 666th thumb is a kind if pleasure 😀 Greate Video for Newcomer Musicians!

  16. Thank you! This was incredibly helpful. I just started playing bass but since I've played stringed instruments like violin before my left hand is used it moving around the neck, but not so much this plucking. I've learned a few riffs but my biggest difficulty has been getting the plucking right while doing the fingering. I also wanna say that I really appreciate how much you seem to care that we're learning, and not just learning specific techniques but also learning how to learn. This was great, thanks again!

  17. Best beginner lessons on Youtube. The philosophies described are superb as well as the teaching technique. Diligence will not be unrewarded for anyone who follows this.

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