Learn Bass Lesson 16 – Major Scale exercises to use in your daily practice routine

Lesson 16
A series of Major Scale exercises to use in your daily practice routine.

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Developing a daily practice routine, an introduction to Modes and advice on creating basslines of your own.

It’s true that practice really does make perfect, but perhaps you’re a little guilty of just playing what you know instead of practicing the things you don’t?
If this is the case, then the opening lesson in this series will serve as a good motivator in developing a daily practice routine that will ensure you’re always pushing yourself and improving in the right areas.
Also in this series, Richie demystifies the world of Modes — A subject that’s often overcomplicated and hard to grasp.
He shares his ideas and presents it in a way that’ll get you understanding the new knowledge and applying it on the instrument.


  1. Tom Whitcombe (Dreadstorm)

    The skipping in thirds scale took me awhile to get my head around. To any newbies like me this is what I worked out: Since D E A and B are minor chords (for all intents and purposes) in the key of C they have a flattened minor third, that is their third is a semi tone, or one fret down. So that's why the finger pattern is different for them compared to C F G where they are where you'd expect your third to be.
    So you end up playing C-E (E third of C major) D-F (F being D's minor 3rd) etc. If you were like me for a while you were confused as to why D's third wasn't F#. It makes sense that the thirds all fall onto the C Major scale (F# isn't). What came first, the scale or the chords? Chicken or the egg. Who knows. Thanks for breaking this dumb drummers brain. :P

  2. my favorite scale is the one I don't know by name but play all the time.

  3. suuuuper,bravo,very,very good teacher

  4. Where do all these lessons start? I tried looking in the videos and didn't come up with much.

  5. So I have been practicing all the exercises you have mentioned here, and now my index finger has gotten a buy hard on the edge and hurts while I play the bass. Is there any solution to this ?

  6. For some reason I love natural colored basses with maple fingerboards. Nice video btw

  7. Rockin, needed some great ideas like this for my daily routine, thanks.

  8. Great lesson. Came upon it via search. Need to check out the previous lessons.

  9. This teacher is the man!

  10. TheGrooveMaster10

    What MFG/Model is this bass?

  11. angelo tabuquilde

    @MusicCollegeTv can I know this guy's name?

  12. George Bablovsky


  13. Leonardo Sobrepena

    You're my hero <3

  14. Interesting… I have not had teachers recommend spanning 5 frets in the same position before (i.e., when you play the 5th fret with your first finger and 7th with your second).

  15. SuperClusterFunk

    I'd like to learn the two riffs that start @ 10:48 in, would you explain what they are?



  16. Lengyel György

    Lovely bass and language lessons, too :-)

  17. This was the best yet !! Thank you soo much !! This gonna help me a lot :)

  18. Nice bass due!

  19. Rowela “Pantaliano” Alzona


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