Learn Bass Lessons 03 – Tuning

Lesson 3
Tuning the instrument and learning to train your musical ear.

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  1. when referring to tuning the other 4 strings it got a little confusing to people who dont read music..

  2. agnidipta hom roy

    can this five fret method be used to tune an acoustic guitar??

  3. Thats very helpful to learn how to tune the bass only compare the E strings on electric tuner for me :O

  4. he has a very soothing voice

  5. helpful tutorial BT can't we tune the E string by natural method……. I mean without using piano or tunner

  6. Thank you for this amazing set of tutorials, ive started to play today, these videos are extremely helpful.

  7. That helped a lot !! Thanks.

  8. eemeral mgm11k29

    Thank you
    Your a great teacher

  9. extremely helpful, but I'm going to need to watch this a few times before I get it in my head

  10. Excelente!

  11. anyone can tell me the recommended height of the strings from the fingerboard?

  12. I have never heard of the 5 fret method until today. I'm going to start using it from now on.

  13. this guy is great actually found someone who can teach properly on a video :)

  14. pharbour24gmailcom

    +MusicCollegeTV Does this tuning method work the same for 5 string basses?

  15. Very good, clear and concise.  Thank you.

  16. Johhny Shackleforth

    Its hard for me to get my pinky finger away from my ring finger, is there any way to improve this?

  17. You're a great teacher! Thanks!

  18. you said underwear!

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