Learn Bass Lessons – Introducing Arpeggios

Lesson 14
Introducing Arpeggios and using them to take the first steps in finding your musical voice.

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Lessons 11 — 15

Some of the keys skills needed to develop as a musician, taking the first steps in finding your musical voice and developing your chord knowledge.

All the great bass players, past and present all have something in common… A unique musical voice!
If you’ve ever found yourself guessing what to play as opposed to knowing what to play, then this series of lessons will give you a good foundation to build upon.
Learn about music in a way that bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical and in no time you’ll be moving around the instrument with a deeper level of confidence and understanding and more importantly, you’ll be taking the first steps in developing your own musical voice.


  1. Lamidi Emmanuel

    you are the best teacher ever!

  2. Gaurav Padte Armstrong

    I've tried many channels but I think you're the best teacher out here. The way you teach, your simplicity, it helps a lot. Thank you sensei

  3. Dragonite Hunter

    best and simplest bass tutorial on youtube 🙂

  4. Darkside Rebel

    excellent videos

  5. This guy is very interesting to follow

  6. PDillah TheSofaSlug

    Brilliant technique

  7. Beautiful Wanderess

    awesome! i like that you have simplify this Thanks!

  8. Is it normal to have trouble stretching your fingers to reach a c major chord in the very beginning? It actually was hurting a lil to get each to stay in place. Guess I gotta do some finger stretching?


    Your Bass looks nice with that shirt colour.

  10. i love you.

  11. Rodrigo Montemezzo

    I thought I was presented to music when I was 15, almost 15 years after that I realize that I wasn't! You are the best teacher ever, man! Your method is simple and you are very well understood by a guy who had never been in UK but got some English language skills. Thanks for making me a true bass student through your method!

  12. Jordy Clementino

    GREAT !

  13. These lessons are excellent. The teacher speaks slowly and articulates very well. I like him!

  14. Bravo!

  15. les meilleurs cours sont en anglais
    behhhhh pensez à nous les francophones qui ne parlons pas l'anglais

  16. My Sweet Shadow

    I really love these videos, they help me a lot, thanks!

  17. what bass is that? beautiful..!

  18. June Carlo Yabut

    you're so good i am keeping hopes up on you making more videos 😀

  19. Matthew Ogilvie

    I don't even play bass (I'm a pianist) and this is a better musical theory series than many of the texts and professors I've studied in my life. Great work.

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