Learn beginner Surf guitar lesson build melody chords rhythms licks on Gretsch White Falcon

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Learn beginner Surf guitar lesson build melody chords rhythms licks on Gretsch White Falcon


  1. Trevor Anderson1913

    He took Johnny bravo to far

  2. "Wow! You're the Grand Champion! I saw your fight against the Gray Prince! You're the best! Can I… Can I follow you around? I won't get in the way!"

  3. Stewart Tapeworm

    Q tip

  4. For the ladies? No wonder the guy had to ask. I never heard of anyone who played guitar in the closet… ukelele maybe, but guitar? Hhhmmmm….

  5. I got lost in the hair…cool style bro


  7. Itoldyousoproduction

    Dude went supersaiyan with the guitar.

  8. Is download available instead of DVD's? I haven't owned a DVD player in years..

  9. My two favorites, surf and rockabilly. That is what I want to play. Thanks for the video.

  10. He's like the white version of that Vice interviewer

  11. If you just focus on his hair and face, it looks like a blinged out Labradors penis.

  12. sounds good, but, what music theory justifies these chord choices together?

  13. What scale do you use? How can I get your lessons but not in dvds just a link to download?

  14. Nicholas Foederer

    He's Mr Heat Miser, he's Mr Sun….. He's Mr Heat Miser…..

  15. you look like you belong in crazy taxi

  16. Take me to flavor town.

  17. That lesson is just cool.

  18. its guy ferreris son ay

  19. Static X meets the Ventures, Cowabunga Dude!

  20. Mike, TheAnimated

    Wow this is nice, plus I love the hair

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