Learn Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Neil Young – Heart of Gold Free Online Guitar Lessons

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Learn Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Neil Young – Heart of Gold Free Online Guitar Lessons
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  1. Fantastic as always Marty you look a little depressed in this one I hope is ok. You are truly an inspiration!

  2. I love the ending

  3. Daniel Barnhart


  4. thank you so much!

  5. thanks bigger than German tanks.

  6. thank you so much, time to jam!

  7. number one

  8. number one

  9. Sabarna Chatterjee

    +Marty – I follow your guitar moves blindfolded on eyes. For 1 year I am exercising your tutorials and I have improved a lot. This is the song I heard from my childhood and lots of
    memory attached with it.
    Thanks for all your tutorials. Great Work.

  10. blackwizard2208

    whenever i see marty in the tutorial i am like 'oh am gonna nail this song ! '

  11. ahoi marty! your tutorials are really amazing, mate. learned a lot of tricks and riffs in short time. but this song could be played much more with nuances to get better dynamic and sound. for example you can play an G at the end of the Eminor picking (A-H-D-E-D-G-Em) i think i saw he played it too sometimes. anyway, muchos gracias marty, i love you for teaching me most professional stuff in past, present and future 🙂 yours, marty from austria

  12. Man you are good teacher, Thank you

  13. Darren Leavitt

    you look high as fuck Marty lol

  14. Dude you're the greatest! Cheers for teaching us 🙂

  15. You're one of the best on youtube at pinpointing the main trouble areas, and making them a breeze. Thanks, dude!

  16. you say nice and easy…i like your videos they are helping me alot..but you never keep the same formula, one video will have a close up and you do a step by step other videos you just go straight through it, and some you do cords that you havent metioned. just annoyed because this is the song that got me into learning to play guitar…but i cant understand you video compared to your other videos

  17. Hey Marty do you do any David Gates,Bread

  18. Hey Marty,i;d like to thank you for taking the time ,to do the thing;s you do,your a cool guy Dennis West Seneca Ny

  19. Can you learn and give a lesson on billy joel honestly. Without a capo …… Please

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