Learn Glorious – BJ Putnam – Electric Guitar Lesson

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  1. What key are you playing this in

  2. great video bro! what volume pedal are you using?

  3. did anyone figure out the riff and write it down? he's going to fast no matter how many times i watch this

  4. david chavarria


  5. Hello, and very well played, I've actually been to CFTN and know a little about the musicians there, BJ and Israel were not playing this led, if you watch this video on his Web site you can see. I'm just wondering which guitar player played this led, because I don't think any of them are good enough to do it, and why would they put such a good guitar player in the background.  just wondering

  6. plasma REAPER690

    You teach way to FAST!!

  7. Thank you soo much.can you teach us to play new by bj putnam on guitar

  8. Thanks for the video! Can you do Jesus At The Center next by Israel Houghtton.  Lots of intricate guitar diddlys in that one.  But this helped me a lot. Some simple stuff that just was over thinking. Thanks!

  9. Hey could you cover his other song called Our Father? That's my favorite tune! 

  10. Great video, where can I download the leadsheet?

  11. Chris Vega Ruiz

    Awesome video dude!

  12. Chris Vega Ruiz

    Awesome video dude!

  13. Chirptofur Hindershmoot

    Thanks so much! Using this tomorrow morning and couldn't figure out the end, which we're actually butting into 7/8 time instead of a 4/4-3/4 pattern.

  14. thank you for this video 🙂
    it was very well done and i enjoyed watching and learning from it. I hope to see Many more posts from you guys.

  15. Great vid! :)

  16. Im playing this guitar part this sunday, this was such a blessing! You're a sick guitar bro!

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