Learn How to Improvise a Soulful Lead in this Blues Lead Guitar Lesson – EP222

In this blues guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to improvise using the major pentatonic scale over an R&B style background rhythm. Lots of great licks to steal in this one!

If you’d like to learn the second half of this lesson, as well as download the tablature and the MP3 jam track, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/soulful-rb-style-lead-guitar-lesson-using-major-pentatonic-scale-ep222/
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  1. Superb lesson

  2. I'm going to call that EXCELLENT

  3. such pretty playing!

  4. Андрей Невоград

    спасибо , чудесно !

  5. Hi Brian: Question: When it goes to the relative minor F#m,  can we play all the full blown minor notes? Is this legal and sounding good?

  6. Thanks, this will help me break out of my rut!

  7. Brian Great Lesson…..My problem is I learn a ton of great playing from you but can not remember them later…Very bad short term memory…..Outstanding lesson..Thank you for taking time out of your day to help the playing impaired like myself…

  8. Great sounding lesson. A salute to the old school R&B sounds of the 60's. As long as I've been playing, there is still so much more to learn and you teach it well.

  9. You're looking more like Clapton by the week 🙂

  10. great lesson!

  11. I love all this information, I've just bought my first electric guitar. I'm a guy in my seventies, I absolutely love music, but I'm not much good at it.
    So it's wonderful that all you guys explain things so well. Whether I get to a decent level I don't know, but I love trying…

  12. I will be becoming a premium member as soon as the exchange rates drop a little !! Cheers from Canada Brian, you rule!!

  13. Another awesome lesson, and as someone already mentioned, your phrasing and tone are simply gorgeous!!!

  14. You really let yourself loose on that one. Some fast playing going on.

  15. heyy u plays like clapton.

  16. Great teacher

  17. This is an excellent video for people learning to solo. Great video in layman's terms that people with their scales mastered can really start to see the Matrix of music theory

  18. Good Lord! Hitting a home run for you almost every weekend is normal for you, isn't it? LOL And I love that you're trying to give us ideas, rather than just tabs. Thank you so much!

  19. Strat model ?

  20. Which guıtar. Strat ?

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