Learn How To Jam With Yourself on Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP045

Visit http://www.activemelody.com and look for EP045 to access the rest of the video content for this lesson as well as the tablature and a slow version of me playing through everything (to be used as a reference).

In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to effectively have a jam session with…. well… yourself 🙂 We don’t always have other musicians handy (in fact most of us don’t), so it’s always useful to learn this style of jamming where you’re playing both the rhythm and the lead parts (but without the complication of trying to do them at the same time like most fingerstyle players do).


  1. I enjoyed this guitar lesson.  Thank you!

  2. Andrei Češko

    excellent lesson really thankful!!!

  3. Which guitar is this?

  4. A

  5. Hi, thanks for the lesson 🙂 what key is is this in? Also which scales are you using?

  6. Aurimas Maldzius

    how do you even make a sound with a "hammer" every time i do it, it just shuts the string stopping any and all sound…. help.

  7. how come you don't teach the whole thing? i love all the licks you play at the very start but you only go into detail with half of them ?

  8. Your variations to me sounded a bit like Carol King (It's Too Late) and Paul Kossoff from Free – (the hammer on on 5th and 7th fret). And I'm not sneering. Just the process of putting the 2 things together is creating something different from the originals which is what I think you're saying.

  9. great thanks.

  10. This really is what people need to know to take it to the next level! the runs between chords lesson is awesome too!

  11. "Learn How To Jam With Yourself on Acoustic Guitar"

    Spends 15 minutes teaching us to play a couple licks in one key. Nice. Was hoping for some more broad advice.

  12. Brian, thanks for another great lesson. This lesson and "Fills Between Chords" are two of the best lessons I've seen anywhere. Most online lessons just show "how"… you take the time to show "why"… this lesson really brings together some practical applications of theory for me. I am amazed at the time and thought you put into a lesson like this… pure gold.

    I just read thru some of the comments below, mostly nice, but some of the negative comments must make you a bit crazy. My mentor once told me, "Ignore the mosquitoes"… your responses show you are a class act. Stay strong.

  13. michael jordan

    You're fat

  14. Thanx for this lesson ! It really helped to know more about jaming! REALLY GREAT LESSON THANX ! (y)

  15. How about you get to the jam lesson. I don't give a fuck about your guitar and shit.

  16. I have learned so much in just a few days watching your videos! Probably more than ive learned in the past 6 months, Im learning to put notes together a lot better instead of learning songs considering buying your stuff for sure. Youre a great teacher

  17. Yeşim Dilmaç

    Can we download the tablature for free? Do we have to be premium for this?

  18. Thumbs up! I could actually make up a song to this jam !!! 

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