Learn how to play acoustic guitar lesson on chucking cowboy chords strum patterns

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This is part of a much longer lesson from the above dvd set where we teach you the technique of adding rhythmic chucking to your playing with open chords.

Many more lessons on the full on video instructional website at:
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  1. Dude. I found this video just by looking up your catch phrase lol dude I learned from you when I was a little kid !!!!

  2. hey, starting to get the hang of it, but on, for example, a g chord how many and which chords do you think we should hit, approximately? how bout a d? thanks!

  3. far and away the best video on chucking…. best camera angles, best explanation-thanks guys

  4. thank you thank you thank you! ive been trying to learn this technique for some time now. I thought this was a form of muting but have realized in fact it is called "chucking." "stand by me" now takes on a life of its own when i use this enhancement.I cant thank you enough!!

  5. Thanks a lottttt !!! I was trying since so long but after watching your video i learned it so quickly ! Thank you so much for the video 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot, great tip and learning progression indeed! 

  7. love you sir nice teach……………i learn chuking 

  8. i love uuuuuuuuuuu sir

  9. latest flamme 

  10. First Chuck Pattern, sounded Like: Stand By Me?

  11. I did it all

  12. sound like stand by me ( ben e king)

  13. that's right :)))

  14. i dont normally use a pick. can chucking only be done with a pick?

  15. CHuck norris was down with this vid!

  16. more than words ooohh ohhh oohoh.

  17. WOW i finall found it!!! I didnt know its called chucking… i saw that on very much videos but i never actually knew whats going on… Lesson is amazing. Im not actually good player, i know chords and thats it. Playin guitar gives u later some rythem, i can actually play some songs pretty good, but now with whis it will be 01:54 (fuckin evolution)!!!
    chords G Em C D with 2chucks are very good rythem for song STAND BY ME (GGEmEmCDGG GGEmEmCDGG)

  18. he red nose!! u r cool !!

  19. Lisanne van der Werve

    Thanks! You're really helping me 🙂 I play the guitar for a year now, I have never had any lessons besides yours and people tell me I'm a good guitar player already 😀

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