Learn how to play country bluegrass lead guitar lesson on jamming and learn to solo

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Learn how to play country bluegrass lead guitar lesson on jamming and learn to solo – In this lesson we teach some standard lead guitar county bluegrass licks. Learn the scales used as well as close ups to get all the lick nuances down cold!
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  1. And that one country song… Rawhide!

  2. dragonflyguitar207

    love your videos Marty,i'm a guitar teacher as well!

  3. sweeeeet. thanks!

  4. Less talking, more playing.


  6. Looks like Hayleys boyfriend from American Dad..Jeff! haha

  7. THANK YOU!! This lesson is exactly what I've been looking for for years! Does everyone else know this?? Wow. To me it's like if some one was to tell you: "You know if you play a C harp against blues in G it works pretty well." I can't stop playing. You actually found a practical use for the blues scale:-) Thanks again.

  8. nice stuff Marty … love the country blues genre

  9. Marty your guitars not plugged into your amp

  10. Jesus llastarri garcia

    this clase is very good, thanks my friend Marty

  11. Marty great stuff,where did ya get the hat

  12. dude, thank you..

  13. Tanx Marty

  14. pass the weed

  15. Mmmmmmm bluegrass ? Country not Bluegrass

  16. yes, he looped a track of him playing the G chord and played the lick on top of it!

  17. u steal my 7 minute

  18. fok uuuuu

  19. You know…

  20. lame goofball

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