Learn Percussion Guitar – Lesson 01

Want to learn Percussion Guitar?

Ryan Inglis describes and demonstrates how to achieve guitar percussive sounds in this tutorial
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  1. 5:17 "What else can I do with my left hand, other than hold a chord?" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. All heartbeat in guitar , please tech how to play

  3. Great tutorial. But I have one caveat, the guitar is begining to creak, just a bit. I looked in the hole and it created a crack in one of the little support pieces.

  4. where's the tab referred to in the vid?…for example at 6:17 the upper right corner reads "TAB 1.13"

  5. Great intro to percussive guitar. I’m an old power chord metal head looking to FINALLY (47 yrs old lol) broaden my playing spectrum. Thanks man

  6. Hans Adriel Gabriel

    I think I did it wrong, my guitar grew a second sound hole…

  7. Guitarjunkie vaught

    Awesome class man thank you. Keep the lessons coming.

  8. omgosh bruh thanks so much next lvl

  9. Can I learn percussion guitar without being perfect in the actual guitar?!
    I play percussion instruments but not in touch with the guitar

  10. Lol
    The fuk was the last music

  11. Great lesson

  12. to the point and awesome. thank you

  13. Anyone have the tabs for what he is doing for his left hand

  14. Very helpful. Thank you.

  15. I liked because I got a bts ad before this

  16. Thank you so much I have been looking for a tutorial!

  17. waoww..awesome

  18. Intro make me like the vid

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