Learn Rock Bass Guitar In Less Than 10 Minutes! (Beginner Lesson)

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Learn Rock Bass Guitar In Less Than 10 Minutes! (Beginner Lesson) – YT109

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Inside the Bass Lab PLUS Membership, you’ll get instant access to all the eBassGuitar step by step courses, interactive masterclasses, and resources. You’ll also get access to personal coaching from James in the eBassGuitar Coaching Community and connect with bass players from all over the globe, that will support and encourage you to supercharge your bass playing… once and for all!

This unique bass guitar lessons program contains a complete syllabus design exclusively for the beginner to intermediate bass player.

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In this bass guitar lesson, James will teach you how to play rock bass in under 10 minutes. You’ll learn useful tips and concepts on how to nail this genre.

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Hi, I’m James Eager, a professional musician & online instructor. Over the past 15 years, I’ve taught 1000s of students.
eBassGuitar is the only video bass guitar lessons website dedicated to helping startup & aspiring bassists develop into the musician of their dreams.


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