Learn Strumming with CCR – Creedence Clearwater Revival Guitar Lesson

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When you think of great strumming on the guitar, Creedence Clearwater Revival is a clear winner. Many of their classic songs utilize some important strumming techniques as well. So in this lesson, we’re going to have some fun by using a few of CCR’s most popular songs to learn some important strumming techniques.

The first song we’ll look at is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”. With this tune, we’ll dive into a basic 8th-note strumming pattern. We’ll also be experimenting with accents and the all-important constant strumming technique!

The second song is “Proud Mary”. Here, we’ll incorporate some muted strums into an 8th-note strumming pattern. Rhythm guitar is often used to harmonize what’s happening on the drums. That’s a big tip for figuring out and coming up with strumming patterns for songs.

The third and final song we’ll look at is “Bad Moon Rising”. This is a great example of a song where you don’t use the constant strumming technique throughout the whole thing. We’ll also be using muting and a few small riffs between chord changes as well.

Playing real music is the whole reason we play guitar, so don’t be afraid to take a break from your exercises and use one or two of these songs in your daily practice routine.

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  1. Gghjk

  2. Good video as always. One thing to note, yes, the elbow will move some when strumming as it's attached to the arm which is attached to the wrist which is where the strumming should come from. Why anyone would suggest strumming from the elbow is beyond me? That creates way too much arm movement and generally too much power which does not yield a smooth strumming sound. Your strumming technique is quite good because it comes from the wrist and not the elbow. Good work.

  3. Midnight Special and Travelin’ Band

  4. I love "Looking out my back door"

  5. Your lips are naturally very pigmented. Hi btw.

  6. I despise the Tina Turner version of Proud Mary. Thanks for not sharing that one!

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