Learn the Funk electric guitar lesson rhythm and strumming

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Learn the Funk electric guitar lesson rhythm and strumming – In this lesson we teach you a funky rhythm style that you can add to your playing fun and easy.
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  1. Yep,,,,, this is the place I've been looking for. Brilliant, looking forward to squeezing that knowledge out of you. Right up my funky street.!!!!! Thanx Brother, your'e the bollox.X

  2. DISCO-FUNK guitar is the BEST!!!
    Chic-ray parker jr-gino soccio-ew&f-kool and the gang-chaka khan-kc and sunshine band etc….

  3. I like Marty one of the better teachers on youtube thanks Marty,,

  4. Great!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I share a problem with Animal Liberation: How do you play the riffs while still strumming 'chord style'? Is it a matter of accuracy or do you mute the five strings you don't use or something?

  6. Needs more wah

  7. Animal Liberation

    Not getting the technique of how you strum and play the riffs at the same time. I'm having trouble keeping the strumming going while playing the fill ins simultaneously like you are. BTW, awesome vids, Marty! Do you ever give lessons over Skype? 

  8. What are you doing with your little finger on the hight e string? do you mute it or  do you let it ring?

  9. 4:565:01 I'm turtle enough for the turtle club.

  10. yeah sguiz it baby 🙂 lol

  11. I have a question: could i play funk rhythm guitar on a Jackson soloist with 2 seymour duncan humbuckers on it, or you guys believe that for funk rhythms i sould find a guitar with single coils? Thx

  12. This is like a flea/frusciante/hendrix and mayer type lesson.

  13. nice it looks all easy but isn't

  14. Edutainment! thats why im talking about!

  15. funky! thanks for the lesson, dude!

  16. youre too sick man!! so sweet

  17. Squeeze!

    Squeeze! Squeeze!

    lol great lesson

  18. dude this help me out a lot *props*

  19. it's a heritage

  20. I believe the guitar is a Heritage 535. Nice guitars.

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