Learn The Minor Scale On Guitar – Minor Scale Guitar Lesson #1

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In this lead guitar lesson, we’ll be taking a first look at the natural minor scale. Just like the major scale, the natural minor scale is one of the essential scales used on the guitar, and in time it will become an important part of your lead guitar arsenal. The focus of this lesson will be on getting familiar with how the minor scale is made, how it differs from the major scale, and how to apply a simple minor scale shape to a jam track.

Check out the full lesson page by following the link below:

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  1. I like you dude , you explain very well and talk well behind the camera

  2. practicing scales feel like a chore to me. very boring

  3. You're really savage mate!

  4. Can you feel it now Mr Krabs

    Awesome vid thanks

  5. Thanks sir I had lot idea about minor scale thanks a lot sir godbless thanks for shared youre talent thanks

  6. When exactly does he actually teach you what the minor scale is

  7. Thank you

  8. Thank u:)

  9. Nathaniel Stuart

    Have you ever tried… FENDER PLAY? Derpy SteveT Face

  10. You can practice scales in this online game here too – https://www.tunelark.com/demo/treble-clef/the-natural-minor-scale and it even lets you use your microphone so you can play with any instrument.

  11. Akas Bajracharya

    Thank you so much

  12. Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus

    I just remember the word "bae", and that all of those three notes are flats, that's how I memorized the C minor scale.

  13. Thank bro.

  14. He must be good..
    His surname is savage

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