Learn the riff from “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Quick, Easy Electric Guitar Tutorial

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In this video, we show you the electric guitar riff from “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd! (You’ll hear it around the 1 minute mark on the original recording)

Here’s a lesson where we show you how to strum along to the whole song: https://youtu.be/OuKAJKFlufA


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  1. No bodies darling but mine, by Merle Haggard. ! Several versions out there?

  2. Very helpful. Thanks! The tab on the video is also really useful as well

  3. thank you so much, this really helped me, I'm just a beginner

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thx
    where is the rest if the song?

    But over all youre a very good teacher i like the hole style with the visible tabs and the explanations!!!

  6. where do I pull off 3rd or5th fret,

  7. Everytime I change frets it isn't smooth. It stops and then I have to strum again. Any tips

  8. In the second part. Any tips for doing the bend, I can't seem to make it sound right, and when I pull off, it barely makes sound.

  9. helped a bunch thanks so much!

  10. halp i cant do the pull up

  11. to freaking slow man

  12. what the name of that type of tabs?

  13. change the angle i cant see

  14. Guitar Bob Ross?

  15. I like this guy xD

  16. i like you tele man i have the semilar fender telecaster semi hollow thinlone deluxe 2015

  17. If i just have an electric guitar what settings should I use in amp to get that sound


    Can someone tell me the chords with nubears please?
    I mean with numbers like this
    Smoke In Water

  19. Can I suggest Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys??? 🙂

  20. Excellent Tutorial, classic song , just love it. although there's no riff in it I love the version of this song done by two of the guys from the band "Shinedown " which was recorded in some friends sitting room. well worth checking out on youtube.

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