Learn to play a Melodic Rock Guitar Solo

This is the 17th episode of Liepe’s Licks. This time around Chris starts teaching an amazing melodic rock solo that was inspired by Joe Satriani. Chris will split the entire solo up into four separate videos, and by the end you will be able to play a complete lead line. The first section is very melody and makes use of harmonics, the whammy bar and bends.

Backing Track: http://shell-videos-ecl.jamplay.com/downloads/backing-tracks/Driving-Rock-Track.mp3


Learn another lick that uses the delay effect:

Part 2 is now online!

Part 3 is now online!

Part 4 is now online!

Learn Guitar:

Learn a Jimmy Page Style Lick:
http://youtu.be/F35X40DxLKg .

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  1. very nice!!

  2. where is the tabs please!!

  3. Javier alvarez Frias

    the tabs' link is not available

  4. This is a great track. Tried playing it again until I realized I cant find the backing track.. can anyone help me? Maybe send it to my email?

  5. the backing track and tablature is not to download

  6. the backing track isnt available anymore

  7. wow

  8. Hey man, thanks for the video. What camera and editing software do you use?

  9. Hmm i like this jam

  10. That is a bad ass piece of music right there. ..Freak'n ear candy. Great job!

  11. h tang (whadauwanfromme)

    can i know what effects did u use for ur guitar at the intro part before 1:00

  12. Michael Worthington

    sounds very EVH to me

  13. That intro solo was fucking tasty

  14. Good :)

  15. Very Nice Solo!!

  16. Interesting I think you're the first guitarrist I've seen that bends the G string down instead of up the neck :p


  18. The angle on the bottom. THAT'S the correct shooting angle for guitar tutorials! Why won't more people get this to their head?

  19. How do you get such a beautiful sound from your amp man? It is such an amazing sound.

  20. okay I suck at harmonics

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