Learn to play the Bass Guitar in a few MINUTES! (Your first few songs!)

A quick bass lesson for my buddy Pat – and any total beginner bassist – Learn a few Rock tunes in just a few minutes — anyone can play – NOW! We Learn a line for Wild Thing (Troggs/Hendrix) / Louie Louie (Kingsmen) and also Hello I love you (Doors) / All Day and All of the Night (Kinks). Have Fun!
(P.S. Pardon the sound – I used the camera mic – oops, a bit overloaded by that bass lol!)
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  1. Just starting out! This is the best thing I've seen to get you playing right away!

  2. Great video. One of the best for bass I've ever seen. More please.

  3. This is such a great, fun and useful video. Thanks, and please keep going!

  4. could you post more simple bass lessons

  5. Awesome beginner bass video has me pumped to learn. I practice these two over and over and ready for a couple more. I have subscribed but don't see any other beginner bass videos. hook it up Bradley. Thanks so much.

  6. xD lookin forward to classes.

  7. Learning bass the FUN way NOT like learning math, more PLEASE !!!!

  8. This is great. I'm going to do WIld Thing as soon as I find the drum machine.

  9. need more videos please

  10. this is the only bass lesson 🙁 . Sir you should do more.

  11. this should be the FIRST bass lesson any one should take/ teach. The point being- you can have fun right off the bat without having to know what the notes are, music theory, sight reading. for All o' these, you horse will be led to water.

  12. yes,please may i have another

  13. The funest video I've seen ,

  14. What a great philosophy you have to make things easy.  "Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple". Albert Einstein

  15. awesome you rock!! loved it

  16. nice one mister ,bless.

  17. Thanks brother. I know there is a easy way to learn. I been trying for years to play bass.

  18. great more bass

  19. Howsomevedotolernhowplaythebass

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