Learn to play The Beatles Nowhere Man easy acoustic guitar lesson with strums chords and more

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Learn to play The Beatles Nowhere Man easy acoustic guitar lesson with strums chords and more
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  1. I dont think they tuned down a quarter of a step, i think they just used a recorder that was a bit fast(so it plays back slow)in fact back in the late 70' turntables had a pitch control so you can adjust the song to play at the right pitch if you wanted to play along.

  2. I totally agree with you on the capo. I think the recording the acoustic is playing a capoed E on the 2nd fret. ( D )

    With the capo the song is much easier and I believe more accurate.

    D , A , G , D Em ( with G in base ) , Gm , D

    And I think while this is going on, the guitar solo is in E.

    I wish people would show video of this configuration instead. Seems and sounds more accurate to me

  3. What a great instructor.

  4. on the recording John an George have capos on the 2nd fret thats why it sounds diff. when you try to play along. They did the solo without capos on their new strats that they had just received from Fender 🙂 great lesson Cheers

  5. Darren Aitcheson

    I don't like putting anyone down… I watch a lot of you tube guitar tutorials. I think you should check out a few. That was over 12 mins for such a basic version of the song. Way too long. That length should have at least included the riffs etc. Nothing but the basic old standard strum pattern until minute 6! Would have been better off using that time to play through the song. It's great what you trying to do but check out Justin or a few other guys to see how it's done. If nothing happens before 6 mins people get bored and stop it. Pls take criticism as constructive. Cheers

  6. Carmen Donaubauer

    Great tutorial, thank you for taking the time to help us :)

  7. This guy has a real talent for teaching. I love this guys videos. Ive learned some amazing things from him

  8. That's what set the Beatles apart from the rest 

  9. David thanks for creating EPIC – love it as a beginner – could you look for and find songs from a band called Poco – many years ago – put together by some famous players of different bands – thanking you in advance, hopefully. Jim

  10. Subscribed greys stuff, but the way I just uploaded a 3 month guitar progression and would appreciate some feedback if possible thanks!

  11. Christian Clausen

    Hey Dave, really enjoying your lessons! Hope you keep them up!

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