Learn to play the chord changes and improvise over a Western Swing Style Lead – Guitar Lesson EP287

In this week’s Western Swing guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play chord changes when improvising on guitar..

To view the entire lesson (the Part 2 video, the tablature, and the MP3 jam track), visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/learn-play-chord-changes-western-swing-guitar-lesson-ep287/
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  1. Where I start? I am a full Active Melody member, and I half way know my notes, and almost know my scales. But for this stuff, do I just grab what I want to lean an have a crack, or there is an order?

  2. Lovely guitar indeed, but a zero fret would have been great.

  3. Incredible.. so good

  4. Ya know…..It's the basic rhythm tracks Brian comes up with that compliment the lead work…He comes up with some great ones and then flavoring them with intricate,
    tasteful doses of melody makes his lessons the best. His presentation is easy…clear….and understandable. His intelligent way of displaying his talent is very
    representative of the Nashville music scene. He's the best!

  5. 1931 – Robert Johnson married Caletta “Callie” Craft.

  6. Very nice looking guitar Brain! I always loved those parlour sized guitars with the slotted headstock! Just checked out the site of B&G guitars but I guess that guitar of yours isn't cheap!! Love the song by the way!

  7. Please clarify. shape 1 is an open C chord with the ring finger off the A (5th) string and shape 2 is an open A7th chord?

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  9. This guy did a comparison of that guitar and a small body Martin back in July.

  10. Very, very nice. Love the song/music being played and yes, that is a sweet little guitar. Big thanks!

  11. Not a country guy per say but love the pharsing here

  12. I probably don't tell you enough how much I value your sweet inspiration. Thanks again, Sue

  13. Thats a lot of explanations

  14. Loving how much you're loving it, Brian. That's super sweet. Thanks.

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