Learn to Play “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker (Guitar Lesson)

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  1. +1 on good video. I am a newbie and currently struggling with getting and keeping the rhythm with my strumming hand and patterns. Great break down and really explaining/demonstrating it.

  2. nice guitar 🙂

  3. Louise by mipso no one else has a video up

  4. Darius Rucker Home grown honey

  5. That was very good! I am new to guitar and strumming patterns are hard for me to pick up….thanks for that breakdown..

  6. Good teacher!

  7. all i could look at was your rather surprised looked plug socket XD

  8. this is a great tutorial – i have really enjoyed it and will be looking for more of yor lessons.
    would love to know the make of the guitar and supplier if possible

  9. That is an awesome guitar

  10. Bob Dylan wrote the notes for the chorus and ketch sector wrote the rest of the song

  11. ya good teacher

  12. This is awesome!! Your so talented! Thanks for the tips! Beautiful guitar!

  13. man, you're good. I just got better from this 7min video.

  14. correction its an old Bob dylan song

  15. Thanks for explaining Man! It's the best

  16. Really great! so helpful

  17. Nicely explained, thank you!

  18. Machine Cactus Industries

    bob dylan created this i thought

  19. I'm going to be honest. I've watched a lot of different videos for this song and yours was  the most helpful! Thanks for explaining the strumming

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