Learn To Solo In 5 Minutes – Beginner Guitar Lesson

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Please watch: “Steve Stine improvisation”
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  1. Hernane Valguna

    Nice bro! thanks alot

  2. hey steve i wish i could learn guitar from you

  3. You make it so much fun , that Steve vai such a nice little boy !!

  4. Hi  Steve,  I have been watching a lot of solo videos, I have found that your video is the best. Easy to learn and you explain very well.  I am becoming better than before. I just need more practice. Thanks a lot.

  5. GhostlnTheRain

    Cool little lesson for the youngsters and beginners. Awesome! m /

  6. Clément Pontier

    Wow dude, I've been playing guitar for ten years now as an autodidact and it took me soooo much time to understand this, probably two or three years. Guess next time I decide to learn something I'll check YouTube just in case. Great job, might show this vid to some of the kids I'm teaching guitar if you don't mind :)

  7. Abhinnshyam Tiwari

    you're a great teacher for me

  8. Wow can u imagine its a free lesson! Thanks bro it is really helpful i want to grab my guitar as soon as i reach home after work :)

  9. Maddy`sArtschool

    thank you so much this is what I have been looking for all the time great Job:)

  10. Robert Gutowski

    I'm 8 and I have a guitar

  11. Basic but could be one of the best lesson for beginning lead players I've watched many of Steve's lessons but this one just comes across!

  12. I think you are a great communicator and teacher, Steve….makes me want to try, and that's the spark that works.   ;)

  13. I'm looking for a lesson like this long time…Thank you sir!

  14. Started learning guitar 4 months ago via youtube and your videos and I play better than my friend who's been playing for 3 years 😀 Thank you!! Awesome teacher!

  15. Eduardo suarez

    This is really good if any body want's to try it really helps.

  16. Awesome thank you. This gives motivation for beginners

  17. My Smashing Chemical Pumpkins

    Your voice does not match your body XD

  18. great video man your other video no the 1 45 was great loved it

  19. at last i found a easy way! thanks bro!:-)

  20. thanxs bro

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