Learn Van Halen Summer Nights electric guitar song lesson Sammy Hagar with chords licks solos

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Learn Van Halen Summer Nights electric guitar song lesson Sammy Hagar with chords licks solos from 5150
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  1. Mercedes O'Donnell

    "Nature's capo" he says, hahahaaa that's good funny.

  2. guysoceanharmonics

    very good

  3. Martinatorthebossman 25

    say, what settings did you use on your amp for this?

  4. fuckin bad ass

  5. That barred D is a bitch!

  6. dave's the best much better than some of these other goofy ass you tubers

  7. hey! are you the guy from No use for a name right? One more reason to smash this song!

  8. Great lesson man, thanks for taking the time to show us (Oh wait a minute, Eddie plays it differently) What the F–k. You took a regular guitar with a standard tuning and showed us how to play a great song. For that, Many thanks…

  9. Hi. Thanks so much for the lesson. If I may asked, what are you hooked into? Your tone is awesome. Are you using a stompbox or a BOSS?? thanks again

  10. Shatterproof Studios

    I have a steinbeger it is so much easer that this

  11. Great lesson mate, much appreciated!

  12. This is the best I've seen on how to play a difficult song without a capo or playing around with different tunings…..THANK YOU

  13. nice …but Eddie plays it differently. …he plays it on first and second frets..nice tho

  14. Thanks a lot

  15. Thats awesome. This is the best I've heard anyone play this song. If I'm not mistaken, it sounds exact. Standard Tuning as well.
    Eddie is probably well for me anyway to try and play. His Rhythms are incredible.
    I also want to thank you so much as I'm actually working on this song and this is going to be a HUGE help.
    I also see your playing the new Elite Strat, I didn't care for it much as I didn't like how thick the top of the neck was or the finish they used. I much prefer the Charvel's.

  16. Thanks for doing this….I always wanted to know how to play this without the trans trem Steinberger!

    Please do "So This Is Love" also by the mighty VH……..Thanks!

  17. great idea! thank's for the lesson.

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