Learn Walking Bass On Guitar WHILE Playing Chords – Jazz Guitar Lesson (Part 2)

This is the second of a 2-part series on how to play Walking Bass Lines on Guitar. Learn a technique used by the greats such as Joe Pass, Tuck Andress and Martin Taylor. Subscribe to be the first to know about new lessons!

Tabs, sheet music and backing tracks for this lesson are available at: http://daveniskinmusic.com/shop.html

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Walking Bass On Guitar – Learn To Play Bass Lines With Chords – Jazz Licks / Vocabulary – Bass Lines – Jazz Guitar Lesson – Dave Niskin


  1. full tutorial autumn leaves pleasee

  2. nice, was hoping this 2nd part would come soon

  3. Hi Dave thanks for this great part two tutorial. This is certainly not for a beginner, but the content is rich enough for most who already acquired certain understanding for scale and chord progression. I personally like this kind of playstyle..and recommend this to players whom have the same interest. As a suggestion, may be you can divide tutorials based on a topic using the songs you have done on..such as chord voicings, soloing or improvisation in jazz blues context, arrangement techniques or tips of choosing suitable chords. I am sure there are a lot of interesting things you can share as well as the viewers can learn by time. Thanks a lot Dave..great content and good knowledge, i really appreciate it.

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