Lebbeus – Lincoln Brewster – Everlasting God (Electric Guitar)

Lebbeus - Lincoln Brewster - Everlasting God (Electric Guitar)

This is a electric cover of Lincoln Brewster Everlasting God. Hope you enjoy this video 🙂

Lincoln Brewster Everlasting God
is the copyrighted property of it’s owner(s).

(External) Electirc Guitar by Lebbeus Lau


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  1. Hello from France, it's Verry good Thank's :-)

  2. did u use tabs for this? cause i cant find them anywhere that match to the way you play it

  3. Nice :D

  4. what amp are you using? effects? etc… haha

  5. what amp are you using? effects? etc… haha

  6. Abel de la Peña Jr.

    In what key do you play it?

  7. Cool

  8. Dude you are the only one on here that plays this song correctly. Can you lay it out for me in chords? I tried just watching your hands but it is so fast and hard to make sure I'm playing it right with going so slow at it. Be great if you can

  9. Lalo “laloelmalo” Jimenez

    Very nice. Guitar tones were not too hot, not to cool. You got good crunch and sustain without getting too dirty is what I mean to say.

  10. Nice job!

  11. Great job on the solo

  12. You nailed it man!

  13. Great Job, and nice Strat!

  14. very nice… great job!!!!!

  15. very good

  16. very good cover man, God Bless you, from, Dominican Republic 

  17. Wow ! i hope you are still out there. This is EXCELLENT Guitar Work….. Beautiful and easy to see. Thank you.

  18. Awesome! really drew me in! great job! God bless

  19. It's great to see someone this young and this good in the Christian community. With passion, soul, and a tone. Lots of cats can play that solo, but not many with that kind of touch, and feeling. really good job.
    How about a lesson for "I wait for the Lord" by Jeremy Camp or "I believe" by Third day?

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