Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Breaking down Led Zeppelin’s Communication Breakdown on electric guitar for you guys today! I’ll teach you guys the power chords used to play the song. Check it out!

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  1. Do some mcr tutorials

  2. Hey Marty can u do after the rain by Nelson

  3. Thank Marty I was waiting to hear something like this

  4. I was literally looking for a lesson on this song like 5 hours ago, and the moment I jumped back on I see Marty with a new video about that exact song. Thanks Marty, and merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Marty!

  6. Hello Marty, will help me with this song?

  7. Now time for the solo

  8. Hey can you do a tutorial of "Simply Beautiful" by Al Green

  9. Oh yeah! I remember hearing this for the first time back then in the record shop (remember those?) and buying the album before the first minute was done! 🙂 Happy Holidays and Merry new Year to you Marty.

  10. Enhsaihan Tsakhiur

    You only live once by THE STROKES!

  11. Hi Marty. Can you please brake down master of puppets

  12. I like to play it the version that Jimmy liked to play, The Denmark 69 concert shows this. It’s much more satisfying

  13. Marty please do today by smashing pumpkins

  14. DJ פרגית בלאפה

    Can you do top 10 easy solos

  15. Have you seen the guitarist in Beaux Gris Gris a new band , he is really good can you play “ don’t let the bastards let you down”

  16. yess!! could you do "when the levee breaks" please? merry xmas :))

  17. Thanks for this marty can you please do the solo too

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