Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson KASHMIR How To Play Easy Acoustic STANDARD TUNING EADGBE Part One

Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson KASHMIR How To Play Easy Acoustic STANDARD TUNING EADGBE  Part One

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  1. Beautiful video! Thanks

  2. Satyam Srivastava

    The tune is so badass

  3. Toni CatalĂ  Canals

    So many chords 😉

  4. You made it so simple !

  5. Great guy

  6. Eric you da man

  7. Muchas gracias Eric.
    Se escucha muy bien.
    Felicitaciones por tus aportes musicales.
    Saludos desde MĂ©xico..!!

  8. Thank you sir.

  9. Which version of B flat are you playing sir?

  10. Please teach us Stairway to heaven

  11. Steven dugandzic

    Sooo cool,love your methods,cheers.

  12. Francois-Xavier Peeters

    Merci pour l'élégance du cours et la simplicité du travail à faire. My name isn't yet Jimmy Page, but I work for it !!

  13. is this on the DADGAD tuning?

  14. Wow…. ! You just opened up a whole new world for this little clown… Thank you for this! You are awesome!

  15. Eugenius Williams

    thanks brother, this is one of clearest, yet most concise tutes on this beautiful song.

  16. best lesson on internet man! respect

  17. Awesome lesson. Thank you

  18. Aashay Chaturvedi

    Subscribed because you played it on acoustic and you're one amazing teacher and the main reason : Because you look like Gustavo 'Gus' Fring from the breaking bad. Thanks!!!!

  19. You rock! Thank you for this!

  20. What the Hell.
    Thank you for this.

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