Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker – How to Play the Main Riff – Guitar Lesson – Les Paul

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  1. Grace x Rock n Roll

    You’re haint

  2. Thank you Sir! Best guitar teacher ever! Thank you so much for helping me rock out to my fave track!!!

  3. What's your treble volume and tone

  4. This just confused the heck out of me,when you said the very first note of the riff was E string third fret.I tried it but realized there was to many notes in the first fill.When i started on the A string OPEN make sense then.Maybe the E third is an accent note on the recording but not when starting the riff.Love your vids Marty but this one Had me scratching my head. Lol

  5. Modulation. Thank you! Been searching for that term for a long time. Knew it had to have a name.
    Nice lesson, thanks.

  6. Jesus Christ forget anybody else you are the best thing to happen to guitar. You have made me truly happy. Every time I look for a guitar song that's interesting, you're there for me. Glad to see your doing well.

  7. T nul Jean Michael Tallet

  8. Дмитрий Тулупов

    Superrrr! )

  9. Does it have to be fifth on the A-string? Doesn't the D played free make the same tone?

  10. Aw man, I was looking for Heartbreaker, by Marina and the Diamonds. Wtf is this?

  11. 500k views this easy bullshit omg.

  12. Hi , what tip to set amp for this song ?

  13. this is the absolute best

  14. Sounds slightly out of tune, but good nonetheless. Thanks!

  15. Did anyone get here from the nirvana video?

  16. Thanks bro!!!!!

  17. I want the second piece

  18. if I ever become famous from playing guitar ill put you in my credits you have helped me so much man you've helped me play songs I couldn't play

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