Led Zeppelin – – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lessons – Rock – John Konesky

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Led Zeppelin – Kashmir – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lessons


  1. Learned it by the time it was over

  2. What's with the intermittent pictures of Kyle from Tenacious D showing up in the corners?

  3. Niko Chitashvili

    where have you lost the open D 6th string that have to be played in each beat?! what's wrong with you, man- what kind of musician are you!? however, that wasn't the only one mistake. you can't even arrange your fingers' positions properly. btw, have you got almost a million views with 2 million subscribers?? с'mone guys, you must be kidding..

  4. Love that Dues!!!

  5. guitar tutorial really need to tell you what strings to strum.

  6. Skunk !! is that you with a perm????

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed learning more about this song and appreciate your approach.

  8. Who thought johnny depp aswel?

  9. 0:23 ruins the video

  10. Not bad, but the missing bass note kinda killed this lesson and the song is in 6/8 and the drums are in 4/4. Meh.

  11. This guy looks like rob Schneider

  12. christoph kotter

    DADGAD tuning ?

  13. 00:20 Kyle Gass outta nowhere

  14. There he is

  15. Where is marty

  16. close… but nice

  17. 4/4 tempo.. the elephants gait…marching to Kashmir..

  18. "never be afraid yo twist the knobs"
    …then doesnt play the open D…sheeeesh

  19. ItsProbablyNotAGoodIdea

    I can understand martys lessons perfect but then he brings in some dick like this who is impossible to learn from

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