Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song – Guitar Lesson – how to play on guitar – tutorial

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song - Guitar Lesson - how to play on guitar - tutorial

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  1. Marty I love your tutorials!

  2. Cool lesson. The end part where you're playing the G minor, try fretting it 3 1 X 3 3 X It makes everything groovy.

  3. I want to see the memes that will come out of this.

  4. Hahaha xD love that transition. Always throwing a bit of your great humore throughout youre vids.

  5. Dude marty shwartz is boss at guitar but the guitar cover was kinda cringy but no doubt anout it he is a awsome teacher

  6. Mr Turtles Esquire



  8. Edgars Martinsons

    Could You please do a lesson on any Placebo song?
    They use lots of unusual tunings as well.

    Best regards,

  9. Ахуенно!

  10. The Last Rebel Show

    The Hammer Of The Gods
    Will Dive Our Ships To New Lands
    Fight the Horde
    Sing And Cry
    Valhalla I am Coming

  11. Lost me a little bit on this one. But I'm 55 years old and just getting started. But still my favorite guy to watch and learn from.

  12. thanks to you I got to surprise my mom with her favorite song! thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

  13. you are playing it all wrong…too slow in tempo!!!!

  14. Wait is this song connected to Thor at all? I noticed you talked about him as the start and now the songs being used as the new Thor Movie Trailer, I thought it was because it was a good fitting song (That's what I heard from video(s) anyway). Connection between this song and Thor?

  15. Jack is not in the box

    Thor Ragnorok

  16. Great lesson. The real emphasis with this should be tapping your foot to this rhythm. It really helps with getting it solid and funky. Thanks . peace

  17. I could hear in Marty's head. Aahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha

  18. who's here because of the Thor Ragnarok trailer?

  19. Okay, I give up on ever playing as well as you, Marty. I just want to have as much fun playing as you do!

  20. Those tuning knobs are ugly af love the guitar tho

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