Led Zeppelin Kashmir Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Led Zeppelin Kashmir Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Mama, mama, ain’t no denyin’, that this Led Zeppelin song is a MUST KNOW on guitar. I’m bringing you an electric guitar lesson for Kashmir! Tune your guitars to DADGAD tuning and let’s jam out!

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  1. The gloss on that Les Paul….omg

  2. Can you do more Rolling Stones songs?

  3. Hell yeah Marty! Thanks for this. Your explanation of moving up a half step through the riff helped me in more ways than one. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Square Banana Films

    Could you do Going to California?

  5. Wow i just .. Still Don't Know how Did Master Jimmy Page came up With This !!

  6. David guitar madman

    You have outdone yourself on this one!!! Great lesson!

  7. Hey Marty can you make a lesson of jingle bells rock please ?

  8. You are my main channel to go to when learning songs on my guitar my guitar teacher in high school is surprised at how much I have learned meaning I only started this September I can play loads of the nirvana songs that you have covered on your channel

  9. you should do walking wounded by bayside

  10. Shehan Jayasinghe

    Hey marty Can You Make a guitar lesson On how to play Sweet Like Cola by Lou Bega Please Can You do it thankyou

  11. I appreciate that the guitar tunings are in the about section!

  12. That’s crazy, I literally learned this song yesterday and was disappointed a Marty music tutorial didn’t pop up!

  13. Beautiful Axe! Thanks.

  14. Please do some Cream guitar lessons!

  15. Awesome tune!

  16. please please please do the Mandalorian theme

  17. Can you do ‘Hot Legs’ by Rod Stewart please?

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