Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop Guitar Lesson

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop Guitar Lesson

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In this Misty Mountain Hop guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this great Led Zeppelin song note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning.

The main riff has a very cool feel that is created by the first note in the riff appearing on the upbeat. This gives it sort of a floating and unpredictable feel.

The verse has a very odd timing to it that I will explain how to follow in detail. The chords themselves are very simple to play once you understand the timing of them.

For Jimmy Page’s solo, I will demonstrate how to play the main harmony guitar part sort of like he would play it live instead of showing every single harmony line in detail.

I hope this lesson helps you get this fun song off of Led Zeppelin IV down quickly! #mistymountainhopguitarlesson #ledzeppelin #guitarcovers

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  1. Awesome. Thanks Carl!!

  2. Nice! Next, you should teach an oasis song, such as “morning glory”

  3. 666k subscribers

  4. the heartbreaker solos please. thanks m/

  5. Thanks Carl. Mesmerizing song I always enjoyed

  6. Great lesson as always. Some suggestions for great guitar songs Winger – Headed for a heartbreak (Reb Beach masterpiece), Carlos Santana – Bella, Toto – Rosana, Ozzy – Bark at the moon

  7. Just think. The guy that wrote that guitar part is the same guy playing on the Tom Jones recording, "It's Not Unusual". 😉

  8. Eye of the Beholder by Metallica?

  9. Carl, here is a question for you. When you are doing a lesson, I see you looking down at something to remember what part of the song comes next. What are you looking at? Tabs, or do you have your own system for remembering what comes next in the song?

  10. Dude I got one u have to do i mean u have to!!! Stay a Little Longer by Brothers Osborne the lead is amazing on that one!!! There's no how to play for that one! The ending solo is prob the best solo in country music history

  11. Greetings from Mexicooo!! You're the best guitar player and teacher, could you please make a tutorial of "Soul sacriffice" by Carlos Santana, thank you!!

  12. Hey Carl, I was wonder if you can make a lesson on head crusher by Megadeth.Please thank you

  13. Awesome!!!

  14. I love your lessons and subscribed to your Academy. Well worth the money. I truly appreciate the Led Zeppelin lessons. How about something from the Coverdale/Page album? Page was great on that album and rarely gets any attention. Thanks.

  15. Where you in The Office when Phyllis and Bob got married?

  16. LOVE that Strat Carl, I'm getting one myself soon!!

  17. Carl imma ask you a huge favor please
    Please do a lesson for cross of by mark Morton feat chester Bennington please

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