Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick – How to Play on Guitar – Electric Guitar Lessons – Jimmy Page

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  1. Mr. Schwartz do you have any recommendations for a first buy on a electric guitar? I try to keep up with practicing but notice my acoustic cant match the same sound. Any ideas would be great and im willing to spend over 300$ new or used. Thanks for all the song and help.

  2. love it

  3. Or zeplike by slightly stoopid

  4. Can u do jimi by slightly stoopid please

  5. This is why i like your channel . Because your expressive when you play.

  6. Takk….Marty…Takk…..

  7. Alexander the great gameplays

    youth gone wild plz

  8. Hey Marty… I just wanted to let you know how happy it would make me to play this for one of my best brothers ever that really could play his ass off on the drums not too long ago and he thinks hes not up to it anymore.So I,m going to learn this the best I can to make em realize hes not done yet. I'm a beginner and if I can get this down it might be enough for him to dive back in because the water is fine… Thanks for the help brudda.

  9. When is he going to make another video?

  10. how can i subscribe with facebook?

  11. Great Song!!

  12. how bout some rush? I can't find any tutorials anywhere on youtube

  13. Teach Can't you hear me knocking by The Rolling Stones pleaseeeeeee

  14. I want to learn mini-solos on this song
    Marty, please :3

  15. i was having trouble with the bit when it goes open a, 7 on the d, 7 on the d, 5 on the d and then i got lost could i get help?

  16. Nayro theadventurer

    Thanks, surprisingly easy!

  17. the rest of the song is a 3 minute drum solo. its probably one of the best drum solos ever.

  18. love this song! TEACH PIXIES

  19. could you do a rig run through at the beginning of lessons to help emulate the sound as well that would be great

  20. thanks a lot!

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