Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away – Acoustic Guitar lesson – How to Play

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  1. Awesome lesson Marty! Never thought I'd be able play this song… Thanks for breaking it down for all of us. Great job and Thanks!

  2. I'm gonna get so many dudes n chixx falling over me after I learn this yeahhhh marty you rock!

  3. Marty, your videos are great!  Any chance you could make one for "Since I've Been Loving You"???

  4. Loved the lesson. You explain everything very well. Thank you.

  5. quarter_moon and_a_guitar

    Thanks. Incidentally, is that an amp or are you about to go on holiday?

  6. Ready for part 2 Mr. Marty!!  Let's Party….

  7. very very well done i love you videos and i was wondering if you could do more of the wonderful background guitar found in the wall by pinkfloyd :). keep up the awesome videos

  8. Marty is the BEST!!

  9. Marty you're a beast. Keep it up & thank you

  10. You've done a great job breaking down a fairly complicated song.  Probably why you've got over a million hits!  Thanks for all your work!

  11. Fantastic lesson.  I never knew "Over The Hills" was so easy to play.  In less than 20 minutes and I have it nailed. This is one to impress the babes.  

    Marty, your lessons are always the best!         

  12. You are the best man. I dont need no teacher I got you!!!

  13. Sweet! Wow, great timing on the intro! Thanks for this lesson!

  14. What's going on in the the strumming of that Can 9 chord I can't get it right but good lesson nonetheless

  15. Thank you

  16. awesome. thanks

  17. another great lesson by a fabulous teacher 

  18. Thanks marty. your lessons are super smooth, thorough, and very enjoyable along with the way you make it easy to pick up. i am 16 and have been playing a lot of cover music with my band and by myself and am inspired by jimmy page. i must have learned about 5-7 really good zep songs from you out of about 25 i know thanks man. keep playing and making your killer lessons!!!

  19. Hey Marty, it's Marty in Vancouver Canada, thanks for all the great lessons buddy. You're a great teacher and that's not easy to do.
    Always wanted to play guitar but never followed through till I started watching your videos.

  20. Marty I never thought you'd give us the finger at 2:25 j/k gr8 lesson in breaking it down. Getting the Led out!

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