Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Lesson – Part1 Acoustic Guitar

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  1. Thanks Marty!

  2. I'm sorry but it's funny when you say the licks between the G chords

  3. Ricardo R. Pereira

    And there comes Marty to save the day… AGAIN! Always wanted to play this tune, thought it was way more difficult than this. TY, man!

  4. Coming out of the 7th – 9th fret D shape licks, the progression is G – D, D – A. Marty has it wrong.

  5. Good lesson but I believe the part near the end of the lesson where it goes into the rock portion goes G D D A not D A A G.

  6. Ur awesome Marty. I've learned so much watching ur videos. I understand ur style of explanation so easily. Thank u!

  7. I need part 2 man.

  8. Love the video, super helpful and easy to understand. However, is the second half coming soon??? Can't wait to flip the switch on this one!!!

  9. 1:40 This gets me everytimeee hahhaha

  10. please make a tutorial on Lola by the kinks :)))))

  11. What kind of guitar is that? It has a very good sound to it.

  12. Awesome stuff, thanks heaps Marty, you are hands down the best at making these tutorials! Cheers from Leonie in New Zealand 🙂

  13. Love the widdlie widdlies

  14. Funny the way you explain the notes in the song. "Your awesome Marty"

  15. Would really love a step by step on some avenged sevenfold songs

  16. The version I learned years ago is slightly different – and pretty accurate, I think, 'cause I got it from an official Zep transcription book. Not tablature – straight-up sheet music.

    Among other little nuances, during the second "turnaround" hammer-on/pull-off lick you only fret the 4th note on the 4th string and go right back to the D string for the other pull-offs. For a minute it looks like even Marty is confused as to what note follows that F# on the 4th string…

  17. "So that next little lick" starts at 5:28 … ugh, why hide this in between the repetitive intro lick lesson.

  18. Second time through the lesson and I’m starting to get it down. Thanks Marty!

  19. 5:25 Why am I having such a hard time with this little bit

  20. Always wanted to learn this song! Love Zeppelin and you really did a fantastic job teaching it!

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