Led Zeppelin "Over The Hills and Far Away" pt 2 Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys, Marty here from MartyMusic again, hope you guys are all having a great week! anyway, I put the rest of this tune together for you guys due to your requests! Thanks again for supporting me by supporting MartyMusic!

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  1. Thank you for the support! http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. Arturo Maldonado

    Do you play the whole thing on electric when your playing it or switch half way through acoustic to electric? Thanks for all the lessons. Your the best!

  3. you da man Marty

  4. Charles Francis

    I really appreciate your instructional pieces Marty, thank you!

  5. U r the sweetest guy Marty love U brother

  6. Your the best Marty! Thanks

  7. thanks

  8. Thanks. It was that last riff G-D D-A-Emaj that couldn't figure out! Now I can do the whole thing on acoustic. Garcias!

  9. My favourite part of this whole entire song that I love

  10. Always an amazing song no doubt.

  11. albert fernandez

    I always have a few spooky notes in my playing….: /

  12. albert fernandez

    Wonton song ?????

  13. albert fernandez

    Tharrrr she blows !!!! Tonka Marty !!!!

  14. GREAT!!! Thanks Marty!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  15. SOLO

  16. Any suggestions for amp settings to get a good tone for this song?

  17. Rock n'roll and Rain Song by Led Zeppelin, more Zep Marty!!! Thanks to you my guitar playing is improving super fast, thanks for that!!

  18. Can you do a lesson on Greta Van Fleet- Safari Song?

  19. Love it, my son and been working on many songs and you're one of the better teachers!!!Cold you please teach Amie by pure paire leage?

  20. Marty you are awesome. I get so frustrated with other instructors and you are an incredible communicator. You have so much talent and you make it fun to learn guitar again. I love your style and you bring my playing to another level even with the songs that I already know. Thank you so much bro!

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