Led Zeppelin – Ramble On – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Live Guitar Lesson

Led Zeppelin - Ramble On - How to Play on Acoustic Guitar - Live Guitar Lesson

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  1. Not sure what key the guitar is tuned at? because my chords sound like crap..

  2. Thanks! That’s a lot easier that I thought. Also, thanks for showing Pages’s way to play. Where’s the rest of the song?

  3. Helpful lesson

  4. 1 mil views. Amazing. Thank u

  5. damn dude chew your fingernails much?

  6. I subbed and liked. Good stuff!

  7. Thanks, Marty, for showing both ways to play the intro! I dig your lessons, man!

  8. michel vaillancourt

    Thank you for sharing easy for you but so hard for beginners…like me !!!

  9. I love how the very first E chord is played. If listened to closely the open E string is hit first (before the E chord) and it is this subtle part of the rhythm that make this first part of the opening intro perfect. That’s the hardest part of the mystery to this introduction solved.

  10. Can you do friends by Led Zeppelin

  11. incomplete

  12. marty you are one of the best guitar teachers i ever had in all of you tube or otherwise thanks jim

  13. Are you a fantastic teacher….

  14. Great lesson dude! Can't wait to try it out. Love this song (especially the acoustic version). thanks man !

  15. Im loving the easier way to play this. How about the whole song?

  16. this is a fake way to play it ,sounds good,but not correct!

  17. Is this in standard tuning?

  18. Wow Marty has come a long way since then

  19. takin the easy way out is not the jimmy way!!! your start is totally wrong! thats when I stopped watching… sorry buddy!!!

  20. Dude your so awesome Marty Sometimes I wonder if your real!!!!! Then I learn another song from you I didnt expect to actually find a lesson for on here!!!!

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