Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled… just kidding I rock and roll everyday. Let’s get the LED out and learn some sweet Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page riffage!

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  1. Been waiting for you to do this song for a while and was so excited when you finally did. I absolutely love this channel it’s helped me so much with my guitar playing:) one question I have is what is the last chord of the song, after the little drum solo?

  2. Alisson Casagrande

    Great lesson as always! Thank you Marty!

  3. Hi Marty, love these led Zeppelin lessons you've been doing recently. In the future, please can you do the main part of Achilles last stand. It's a great song but I can't find any decent lessons for it

  4. Thanks Marty, great lesson as always. May I humbly request some more Smashing Pumpkins songs? You don't have to do it TODAY or even TONIGHT, TONIGHT. But if you could it would be PERFECT. thanks

  5. Any way you could do something by George straight?

  6. Can everyone go to Patreon please and at least give Marty $1 a month? That's only $12 a year folks, you spent more on your coffee this morning. Please please please just give a dollar a month..

  7. Can you do crazy by aerosmith

  8. Hey marty can you play rolling 7s? By dirty honey? Would love to learn that song

  9. holy shit ive been looking for this forever thanks so much marty

  10. Do the solo!!!

  11. Great

  12. Is the same guitar of system of a down toxicity cover , i say because for drop c and standard and is the same strings set?

  13. Can u give a tutorial of how to play to be continued meme song

  14. Do a vid on your amp

  15. you playing led zeppelin is great ,if you play dazed and confused that would be great too

  16. Marty! I'm loving this Freidman amp! Is that new? It sounds amazing! Great lesson as ususal!

  17. Purple rain?

  18. Hey Marty i absolutely love your channel. I was just wondering if you could do a lesson on the guitar solo of don't stop me now by queen. it's fine if you can't your still awsome.

  19. Great videos Marty! Now you need to do Sick Again, so the masses can perform the opener for Earl's court.

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