Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Guitar Lesson Pt.3 – Electric Guitar Rhythms

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Lessons And Performance by: Carl Brown
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  1. anthony mallia

    nice carl well played good lesson thx brother

  2. Still waiting…

  3. vakhtang chkhitauri

    can anyone tell me the strumming pattern?

  4. What's the strumming pattern?

  5. lan niye akustikle çalmadın teller görünmüyo

  6. ezpz

  7. I can't play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you very much for the help.

  9. what's the strumming pattern (thank you)

  10. Awesome lesson. Always wanted to try this song you've done a really great job at explaining it for me. Cheers.

  11. what tuning is this song in?

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaqgr7NZve8
    in the live version he does a cool little lick  cant figure out… in the video its at 3:55-56. you can almost see what he does but its not clear enough. he doesnt do it in the album version, just live ones. do you think you can figure this one out for me?

    thanks in advance!

  13. can i play this on the acoustic?

  14. There's more rythem guitar during the solo to

  15. Is it possible to play this with a coil-tapped Les Paul? When you put them in Single coil mode. Great video, thanks mate
    You play really good!

  16. Vince Banuelos

    I cant figure out the stroking pattern. Can someone please take the time and comment. I have down down down up down up down. I dont think thats right. Id the strumming technique different for every chord change?

  17. Thank you for the lesson. Great Video and nice Technique you got :)

  18. Karen Chelsie Rivera

    HI!! can you please make a tutorial of soy bomb please sir thank you :)

  19. What is the rhythm I can't figure it out :s

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