Led Zeppelin Tangerine 12 String Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here with “MartyMusic!” Thanks so much for the continued support over at my new thing! Anyway, I grabbed my 12 string and broke down Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine” for you!!! Thanks for the continued awesome support!


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  1. To anyone learning this, in the recording, Page is tuned somewhere between standard and Eb. If you just tune down a half step and sharpen up a bit, you'll get really close.

  2. Daniel Cichello

    YO please do more 12 string videos!!! LACK OF 12 string videos out there!

  3. Mexican Zeppelin

    You always catch that emotional wave, Marty. It's not just hitting the notes, it's hitting them with that feel, the vibe of the wave that counts. Plus there are a few subtle timing issues there that make or break it. You can't do that without understand the feeling vibe.

  4. radio mindchatter

    Thanks Marty, been trying to figure Tangerine out for a while now…

  5. I absolutely love this song. Brings so many memories. 40 years later and I’m learning it on guitar. Appreciate you Marty!!!

  6. I was flying by and I saw that and I used to play that when I first started playing….of course wrong… but I had to watch the entire lesson and I'm back strumming my 12-string play more Zeppelin I love it thank you

  7. Awesome lesson brother. Thank you!

  8. Is the tuning standers

  9. I love this song! Now I can play it! Thanks and God bless you Marty.

  10. The tuning is a bit weird on the original recording, it’s not a half step down, not sure what it is, buts it’s horrible to play along to!

  11. Lumpy Potato's32

    dang I didn't know you thought with a 12 string i got a martin and co 12 string

  12. I love your singing, Marty, don’t apologize

  13. could u give a lesson on “little one” by jimi hendrix and brian jones

  14. Ezequiel Díaz

    Angel from dexter

  15. Dylan Rutherford

    great lesson, fun on double string!!!

  16. Deschutes Maple

    Could you please do a tutorial of James Taylor's 'Up on the Roof'? Cheers 🙂

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