Led Zeppelin – Tangerine – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Songs – Jimmy Page

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Led Zeppelin – Tangerine – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Songs – Jimmy Page marty schwartz


  1. Marty, I learned this song from this video in July 2012. It was the first song I ever learned on the guitar. My plan was to only learn this song and that's it, but I loved it so much that I kept going and learned a ton of songs from you. I got a teacher and had her for about four years, and now I'm getting a couple gigs around local joints in my town. Thanks for getting me started, you're a fantastic teacher.

  2. did the tab confuse any of you then you see him play it and its soo much easier

  3. nevewr fgot the freevbook

  4. .Marty, your one of the greatest guitar teachers I've ever seen…and I have been playing for 40 years..and viewing you tube for a strong 10 years..I think a lot of your skill probably came 2nd nature to you, as it does with most artistic people…not to knock the hard work you put in to getting to your skill level, I can just tell by your improvising that music is in your soul.. .

  5. great job man

  6. Thanks AGAIN Marty!

  7. Nice work. I used to play this back in the 70s but had forgotten the details. Thanks for the refresher course, bro!

  8. hey marty just watching another zeppelin video. on marty music you keep it taylor…now I no you still have your dads martin from 70s. you still have the martin in this video. I guess my guestion is I had a martin but traded it in to purchase a gibson j35. you perfer taylor or martin and why

  9. great tuturial , thank you

  10. The Last Rebel Show

    Hi Marty, say could you do Fallen Down by Joe Walsh? there are no lessons on that one that i have found, thanks for all your help. I have been one of your students for years. You are awesome.

  11. Gracias me ayudo mucho saludos desde costa rica

  12. As usual you're the man Marty!

  13. i am playing with a 12 string

  14. Zenaldo Donizeti Nunes

    Bom dia, accord vere nice.

  15. Brilliant song, great lesson

  16. Brilliant Marty! How about lessons for That's The Way and Thank You, PLEASE! Many thanks. TommyZep

  17. Sounds off when I play it with the song

  18. They slowed the tape down, that's why it sounds tuned down. They did the sabe with no quarter.

  19. Thanks for all your lessons, website and YouTube Marty. You really got me over a hump in my progress and I really appreciate your hard work. Guitar is much more enjoyable because of your efforts. Thanks m/

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