Led Zeppelin – Thank You Guitar Lesson

Led Zeppelin - Thank You Guitar Lesson

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In this Thank You guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this beautiful acoustic song by Led Zeppelin in it’s entirety.

The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E.

Jimmy Page used a 12-string Vox guitar for much of the recording, but I think the song works great as a straight acoustic guitar song, so I will teach the entire lesson on acoustic.

The opening chord progression uses a consistent melody along the high E string that really propels it forward. From there a lot of the chords in the verse are from the Hammond Organ being played by John Paul Jones. But I have transcribed those chords for guitar well.

I will go through each chord progression in the song in the order that each appears on the original recording.

I will also show you how to play Jimmy Page’s guitar solo note-for-note. This solo can be pretty challenging at certain parts with some very fast picking patterns. For the fastest of those licks, I will show you how to pick it using economy picking to make it a bit easier to play.

The two ending verse sections have some very nice arpeggiated picking in them, I will take you through each section note-for-note.

Have fun with this one! #thankyouguitarlesson #ledzeppelin #jimmypage

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  1. This lesson is a gem thank you. could you do Achilles last stand?

  2. At first I thought the title said Led Zeppelin- Thank you for guitar lesson

  3. Super stoked. Thank you!

  4. Led zeppelin makes everything better.
    When the words going crazy there's always led zeppelin to put it right again.

  5. Lovely voice Carl!

  6. Civilian by Wye Oak please!!

  7. Thank you!!
    Can you do Dyers Eve?

  8. Do some megadeth songs as well they are wonderful trust maybe

  9. Can you do Dog Teeth by Boundaries? It’s in drop C. I want to learn that song really badly!

  10. You’re the reason I know how to play guitar godbless

  11. EXCELENT!!!

  12. Extra Carl Brown lessons just might be the best thing that's come out of this whole quarantine!!

  13. back in the days of vinyl had to listen to this song, to lazy to get up to move the needle, but its a cute song, and a nice reprieve from some of the heavier songs on that side of the record. Zeppelins acoustic songs are overshadowed by their beautiful Celtic melodies, devoid of american blues influences , which is actually nice.

  14. Nice man!!!! More Zeppelin can never go wrong. Keep 'em coming bro….

  15. carl your almost done with the entire led zeppelin 2 album!

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