Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song Guitar Lesson (Complete Song)

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In this The Rain song guitar lesson, I will show you in-depth how to play this classic track by Led Zeppelin.
In my opinion, this is one of Jimmy Page’s finest moments as a songwriter. The guitar lines he created for “The Rain Song” are simply so unique and gorgeous it is hard to put it into words.

In this The Rain Song guitar lesson, I will show you how to play all of those guitar chords and licks in the order they appear in this now classic song.

As you probably know already, the tuning for this track is quite unique, you will need to tune your guitar starting from the 6th string to (D G C G C D).

There is also a couple of guitar tracks going on at the same time, one electric and one acoustic. What I have done in this lesson is show you the most prominent guitar part at all times. 90% of the time both guitar parts are playing pretty much the same thing. However, there are some chords that are being strummed on the acoustic guitar while they are being arpeggio picked on the electric guitar. For those pars of the song I will show you the various ways you can pick it and also show you any of the licks that are played on the electric guitar.


  1. Since we are in an acoustic mood…. New World by Van Halen is another beautiful song for you to tackle. Cheers @@

  2. Beautiful song. my fav acoustic zep song. Well done

  3. Love your lessons. I am no way good enough (at the moment) to play a lot of them.
    Thanks for sharing your passion and expertise.

  4. thanks for posting (again)



  7. Excelente vídeo gracias por compartir saludos desdé México

  8. Dude thank you so much ive been looking for this for months!

  9. Please do some John Mayer!

  10. Mark Thomas Santos

    always play the song first please then teach it

  11. People don't give Jimmy Page enough credit. People think he was sloppy and inconsistent, which I understand, but he was so musical and the most melodic guitar player of modern times.

  12. Finally it's back !!

  13. Why are Led Zeppelin's lawyers insane?

  14. awsome

  15. Please teach some gojira, pleasseeee I'd be so happy.

    Also thanks for the lessons

  16. Thanks for everything you do Carl, it's gotta be tough on you and the rest of the folks posting with these crazy copyright issues… It shouldn't be so hard just to play a song you like. It's not like you are taking any money out of their pockets, I swear they just do these things out of spite some times… it sucks. Thanks again! (Great song by the way, like I gotta tell you…)

  17. Brian Bianco Bianco

    Excellent job on an excellent song Carl. I would love to find a version of it in standard tuning though.

  18. why this video was deleted before?

  19. Yeah, new video from the best teacher on youtube) thanks Man! Please do more Def Leppard, maybe you'll teach us "love bites"?)))

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