Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love – Rock Guitar Lesson (w/Tabs)

This is a lesson on How to play “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, includes Rhythm Parts as well as the Solo Section.

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  1. Fabulous lesson! Solo in E minor pentatonic scale?

  2. Yup…you did it right! That little bend takes you to 100%!!

  3. What hardware are you using to make the sound? Great tutorial Cheers

  4. Я никогда не держал в руках гитару. И вот теперь с помощью твоих лекций я могу прикоснуться к истории рока, так близко моей душе! Спасибо огромное ! Ты волшебник !!! Однозначно лучший !!!

  5. Love the 'chorus' effect in this riff by playing the same note on 2 strings but bending one slightly sharp

  6. Very good lesson. Thank you!

  7. Awesome lesson!

  8. 8.2o minutes of the same fucking simple riff

  9. Thank you now I can play it and it sounds right.

  10. prefacetoeternity

    Don't mind me, I'm just making it easier for me to replay the tutorial sections
    Solo all together

    Solo pt1

    Solo pt 3

  11. Digiphex Electronics

    What am I doing wrong when I bend up my A string to get the dissonance and my finger hits the E string it immediately mutes it out?

  12. Steven dugandzic

    Great tutorial,instead of the different variations and telling the viewer different ways just play your way and say it's your version of the song tabs,loved it thought thanx

  13. Nice black beauty, if I ever bought a Les Paul that would be it.

  14. its hqrd for me

  15. These are some pretty great lessons that you post. Some of them are a bit intimidating for my modest playing skills, but much of what seemed hopeless yesterday I can do today. This Whole Lotta Love is far better than some of the other treatments I've seen of this song. Thanks!

  16. amazing lesson, great job Mr.!!

  17. Been playing 30+ years and you blew my mind in the first 2 minutes. I have been playing this tune since I was a kid and always felt it didn't sound 100% right but I never knew why. Hitting the D string on the main riff was what I was missing. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. So many miss the slide and bend+open string in main riff that gives that dirty note sound. This lesson is exactly how I remember the tabs that Mr. Page supplied to the mag I read.

  19. Very well done man thanks for sharing!!

  20. awesome

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